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I host a Girls Night Out event on the 3rd Thursday of every month!! These events are all about creating community and supporting women and their small businesses!! We hope to get to see you at our next event!! These events are 100% FREE to come so grab your girls and come have a night out with us!!!

Pink Background

Inner barbie glow!

Leading Ladies X Barbie Movie

We kicked off our heels and let our inner child shine with an exclusive screening of the latest Barbie movie. Laughter, nostalgia, and plenty of pink set the scene for a night as iconic as Barbie herself!

Sparkly Treasures!


Our creativity flowed as we adorned our world with the sparkly treasures from Embellish. Every gem we added to our crafts mirrored the sparkle in our eyes!


Relaxation meet revitalization!

Integrated Therapy

Relaxation met revitalization as we indulged in the serene ambiance of Integrated Therapy. The pampering left us feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the world!

Skin-soothing adventure!

The Skin Therapist

It was a skin-soothing adventure with The Skin Therapist, where we learned the secrets to glowing skin and experienced luxury treatments that made our skin thank us!


Fashion-forward twist!

Confetti Boutique

We ended the night on a high note with a fashion-forward twist at Confetti Boutique. Surrounded by the latest trends, we each found that perfect piece to make our wardrobe pop just as much as our personalities.

Sparkling Cocktail


We are always looking for pop-up vendors to set up at our events! Do you or anyone you know have a small business they would like to showcase at one of my Girls Night Out events? We want to recognize your small business!!   

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